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The mission, in collaboration with LE34, involved collecting high-quality data on quay facilities and conditions. The Danish Ministry of Defence’s Property Agency, which manages Christiansø and Frederiksø, requested the information in order to carry out a thorough investigation of deciding  the next steps for managing and maintaining the area. 

LE34 - Survey Service Provider

ancient harbour inspection

Blue Atlas Robotics provided its underwater inspection robots for the service of inspecting a large area of port wall for the Port of Roenne in Denmark. The task involved proving that our Sentinus robot is able to inspect corrugated and complex port structures at night time. The results were a success, and provided useful maintainence data for the port.

Port of Roenne - Denmark

port wall inspection

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“We have a saying at LE34: 'The older LE34 gets, the more modern we become.' We believe in providing the best, most innovative data possible to our clients - and Blue Atlas Robotics' robots are an immense help in gathering such data."
"Blue Atlas' robots have been a valuable tool for gaining access to visual information in a digitalized form of critical parts of our infrastructure.”

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Blue Atlas Robotics © 2022     |     10 Forskerparken, Odense, Denmark    |       Ph: +45 29 28 25 48     |     CVR: 39944618