self-operating underwater robots
for offshore structures

Gain clear, detailed data about your offshore assets – fantastic for preventative and predictive maintenance. 
Blue Atlas subsea robots are a hassle-free way to gather in-depth information about assets below the waterline.

self-operating robots are a fantastic tool for gathering visual maintenance data for offshore structures

Offshore structure management benefits greatly from hands-on, regular visual surveying to keep a close eye on the asset. Our robots will save you time, money, and hassle whilst getting the job done. With frequent inspections, you gain proactive data with the potential to catch smaller issues with fouling, corrosion, or damages before they turn into big, expensive ones. 


Our robots have a key focus on ease of use and quality outputs.

Offshore infrastructure inspections are made fast and simple with self-steering robots that perform inspections largely without operator intervention. 

Visual inspection is performed at a rate of up to 3000m2 per hour and provides crisp, steady footage that can be processed into time-saving 3D digital twins of the asset.

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Video: Sentinus robot surveying a wall corner by itself, without operator intervention.

BELOW: Still image – segment of a port wall 3D model – captured by Blue Atlas’ Sentinus.



Instead of the conventional method of sitting through hours of inspection footage, instead gain a quick overview of whole areas to spot points of interest.


Compare 3D models with previous models of the same area. Our models are texturized down to the millimetre, making it easy to find changes over time.


Keep comprehensive documentation of inspections instead of recording video and only using it once. Great for insurance, proactive maintenance, and keeping visual story of your environment.


Surveying System


Surveying System

eight cameras

With eight cameras onboard, you save time and see more with a single pass of an area.

smart mapping

Inspection route is calculated by the robot in real-time, ensuring full area coverage.



Computers steer the robot steady and close to the target for clearer visual outputs.


The powerful onboard thruster system allows for speedy inspections.

Want to pinpoint what our system can deliver for you?

Get in touch to book a demo and experience the system first-hand.

Want to pinpoint what our system can deliver for you?

Get in touch to book a demo and experience the system first-hand.

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