Port of Roenne

port wall inspection case study

Blue Atlas Robotics provided its underwater inspection robots for the service of inspecting a large area of port wall for the Port of Roenne in Denmark. 

The task involved proving that our Sentinus robot is able to inspect corrugated and complex port structures at night time. The results were a success, and provided useful maintainence data for the port. 

In-water inspections at night

It’s important that in-water visual inspection equipment is suited properly to the environments it will be operating in, in real-world conditions. 

This means overcoming typical challenges such as water turbidity, currents, and lighting. Our Sentinus robot successfully inspected the Port of Roenne at night, in unfavourable water conditions. 

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Blue Atlas' robots have been a valuable
tool for gaining access to visual information
in a digitalized form of critical parts
of our infrastructure

" - Mikkel Mortensen, Port of Roenne

Asset documentation critical for assessment

It can be very difficult to know what is going on with assets below the waterline. Alternatives to underwater robots such as the Sentinus include standard ROVs or divers with camera equipment, which involves some operating restrictions and visibility issues. The Port of Roenne is a growing and future-driven port with a a drive to use modern techniques to capture its assets below the waterline and ensure the best possible planning is made during port expansion. 

The Sentinus robot was utilized in this case to inspect port walls and structures, with the end goal of creating a visual log of the area. A detailed piece of documentation for the area was created by way of a 3D interactive area map. The Blue Atlas Sentinus is a versatile in-water inspection robot that can be used at any time, including night tim.e The information collected will be used in future maintainance and expansion decisions for the port. 

The Port of Roenne operates Bornholm’s supply port and Denmark’s easternmost industrial port. The harbour is centrally located in the Baltic Sea and can provide a varied range of maritime services.

The port has expansions on its horizons, as it is currently accelerating the enlargement of its harbour area to accommodate the need for more offshore wind energy in the Baltic Sea before 2030.

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