Nordic Marine Service and Blue Atlas Robotics: Pipe Inspection Collaboration

Nordic Marine Services, a diving company with more than 30 years of experience, recently used our ROV Sentinus for a pipe inspection dive.

Diving company Nordic Marine Services utilizes the Sentinus in pipe dive mission

Nordic Marine Services (NMS), a leading commercial diving service provider, has joined forces with Blue Atlas Robotics, the company behind the intelligent Sentinus ROV. The two companies worked together to perform and inspection and dive services job on an underwater pipe with a turbid entry-point. The skilled diver and Sentinus robot worked in tandem in order get the job done with optimal results. 

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The Sentinus robotic ROV was used in the dive as a tool to assist and accompany the diver, providing light and documentation. 

Robots as a tool -
an extra arm for divers

  • Divers face a wide range of underwater tasks to perform, from inspections,
    to cleanings, to repairs.
  • Lighting conditions underwater can often be a challenge – the Sentinus robot helps with this by aiming its 14 light sources where the diver needs it.
  • This results in better visuals for the diver, as well as documentation of the dive.

Photogrammetry used to create 3D area models

  • Using the footage captured during the dive, 3D models were created of the pipe and surrounding area.
  •  Imagery was captured from multiple different camera angles in one sweep, which is ideal for creating 3D models. 
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One of the 3D models produced, showing the interior of an underwater pipe. 

The Sentinus ROV: Advancing Underwater Inspections

The Sentinus empowers organizations to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, risk mitigation, and long-term asset management.

The Sentinus ROV combines maneuverability, durability, and versatility, offering unmatched capabilities for underwater inspections.

Equipped with eight onboard cameras and fourteen strategically-placed lights, the Sentinus captures high-resolution visuals and collects essential data for comprehensive analysis.

Operators can remotely control the Sentinus using advanced autopilot functions, allowing for seamless navigation and easier inspections in challenging and inaccessible underwater environments.

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Diver at Nordic Marine Services

"At NMS, we help our customers observe and inspect assets, as well as their surroundings, to give them top quality information needed for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation, engineering, and insurance.

We're excited to bring the Sentinus onboard as a tool to gather further top-quality data."

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