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Blue Atlas Robotics builds underwater robots that autonomously survey ships and other large underwater structures.

We are looking for a strong software generalist with an interest in robotics and computer vision.

Our stack is written in C++/Python and runs on an embedded Nvidia Xavier system.
We have prototypes in the water and are looking to put a unit into customer hands mid 2022.
There is no shortage of work to do. In addition to underwater SLAM and navigation,
areas include high throughput networking, video streaming, topside UI,
automation of startup and restart procedures, etc.

We’re flexible with requirements so long as you can demonstrate CS fundamentals and
an ability to deliver software (English is a hard requirement).

Email directly with your profile.

– Computer Science, Software Engineering, or equivalent education
– Strong CS fundamentals, Algorithms, Graphs, Big-O notation, etc.
– Experienced with modern C++ or another performance oriented language
– Comfortable using Linux, SSH and the command line
– Willingness to travel through Denmark/Europe and get hands wet deploying prototypes
– You give high attention to detail and hold yourself and others to high standards
– You are eager to apply your knowledge to a challenging domain and seek unconventional solutions
– English proficiency is a requirement

– Prior computer vision knowledge
– Knowledge of a native GUI system, Qt, GTK
– Python, CMake, Git
– Embedded linux experience

At Blue Atlas, we believe we can better manage, utilize, and improve our oceans by building robots that not only operate underwater,
but also understand the underwater world. Robots which can operate themselves underwater will redefine how
humanity interacts with the other two-thirds of our planet.

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If you’re ready to apply, email directly with your profile.

+45 2783 3339