Sentinus, our subsea robot, is featured in Ingeniøren’s magazine print and digital version.

We are delighted to announce that our self-operating underwater robot, Sentinus got featured in the Ing magazine, “The Engineer Magazine”.


Ingeniøren is a Danish weekly newspaper specializing in engineering topics. They are the largest publisher in Denmark of media and posts topics around technology and science. It was published in 1892, and today they have more than 15,000 weekly active readers of the magazine and over 500,000 monthly users on the website.

Robot scans ship hull with autonomy like Tesla

In the article, named “Robot scans ship hull with autonomy like Tesla”, they have mentioned “how Blue Atlas Robotics is disrupting the conventional methods of doing underwater inspections with the help of their underwater robot, Sentinus that can inspect ship hulls, wind turbines, ports, harbors autonomously which makes it possible to make more informed decisions about when to repair or replace them. This improves the efficiency of operations at ports, harbors, and offshore wind farms by reducing costs associated with maintenance. After that, the data taken from the robot can be converted to a highly detailed 3D model to enhance the decision-making process and identify the potential defects before they become problematic.


Moreover, they have specified some technical features of our subsea robot, Sentinus that contribute towards its high speed, ability to inspect precisely, and generating high-quality inspection footage.

sentinus in magazine

Partnership through RIMA initiative

The article makes reference to inspection imagery captured on

Christiansø, as part of a joint collaboration between LE34 and Blue Atlas Robotics. You can read more about the collaborative RIMA project by clicking here.


Click here to read the digital version of the full article published in Ingeniøren’s magazine.

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