AquasmartXL and Sentinus ROV: Revolutionizing Underwater Inspections

AquasmartXL, a leading provider of aquatic drone solutions, has established a successful partnership with Blue Atlas Robotics

Inspection service provider AquasmartXL joins forces with Blue Atlas Robotics

AquasmartXL, a leading aquatic drone service provider, has joined forces with Blue Atlas Robotics, the company behind the intelligent Sentinus ROV. This collaborative partnership, cultivated over the course of a year, will add the Sentinus to AquasmartXL’s fleet of underwater diagnostic tools. By leveraging advanced technologies, AquasmartXL and Blue Atlas Robotics have a goal to improve the way organizations approach visual inspections, 3D modeling, and engineering support for complex underwater structures.


AquasmartXL’s ROVs observe and inspect assets and their surroundings, providing comprehensive information for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation, engineering, and insurance purposes.

AquasmartXL specialises
in aquatic drone solutions
and services

  • AquasmartXL is a leading service provider specializing in aquatic drone solutions.
  • Their expertise lies in facilitating quick visual inspections, detailed and standardized inspections of complex structures, and 3D modeling for engineering support.
  • AquasmartXL’s Aquatic Drones offer flexible and rapid deployment platforms, equipped with a variety of sensors to overcome challenges encountered during traditional inspections.
  • The ROVs in AquasmartXL’s fleet provide a safe and practical solution for gathering critical data in hard-to-reach or hazardous areas.

The Sentinus ROV: Advancing Underwater Inspections

The Sentinus empowers organizations to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, risk mitigation, and long-term asset management.

The Sentinus ROV combines maneuverability, durability, and versatility, offering unmatched capabilities for underwater inspections.

Equipped with eight onboard cameras and fourteen strategically-placed lights, the Sentinus captures high-resolution visuals and collects essential data for comprehensive analysis.

Operators can remotely control the Sentinus using advanced autopilot functions, allowing for seamless navigation and easier inspections in challenging and inaccessible underwater environments.

Marlon Drinkwaard

Innovator/Founder at AquaSmartXL

"At AquaSmartXL, we help our customers observe and inspect assets, as well as their surroundings, to give them top quality information needed for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation, engineering, and insurance.

We're excited to bring the Sentinus onboard as a tool to gather further top-quality data."

Meeting at PortXL:
A happy encounter

AquasmartXL and Blue Atlas Robotics first crossed paths at PortXL, a European accelerator for maritime and port-related industries. This happy meeting laid the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship that has thrived over the past year. Both companies have a goal to provide maritime professionals with the best possible visual data of their assets. To learn more about AquaSmartXL, please click here.

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